Dear visitors of,, and

Unfortunately, these pages were discontinued; the demand became smaller and smaller and I had less and less time to take care of the pages. The pages were created in 1999 by Lorenz Schmid, the owner of Nelocom GmbH. In the best times was visited by more than 10’000 visitors per day. It was funny when e.g. the employees of Team Losi found out about their own product news on or when there were small scandals: e.g. when we managed to take apart a Flash banner of Team Xray and thus revealed the first pictures of the NT1. Or when we were the first people in the world to have pictures of HPI Racing Pro 3 and it spread like wildfire around the world.

We had created over 5000 news items, most notably Sergio “Seri” Leung, who was extremely active on my self-programmed CMS and wrote up to 10 news items a day through his good contacts. Many other friends helped me with the project, which started with a logo design in my children’s room. At first RCWORLD was called “ERCC” – I don’t remember exactly what this meant… 🙂 (Emojis did not exist at that time either)

So time flies… The GP World Cup can be called the first really professionally organized race: Online registration with online payment, live coverage, videos – and Scotty Ernst at the microphone. Riders from all over the world participated in the event; in Preverenges with top infrastructure… That’s why I designed the first logo of the ETS and decided against starting the race series with Scotty and Uwe because of the further education. And the GP Worldcup opened doors for me again and in the blossom of my hobby, I was allowed to visit Cars&Details in Hamburg – again, I decided against the job as editor-in-chief – but there, too, I was grateful for all the experiences. opened many doors and gates for me – also my first job with Team Orion in Geneva or the takeover of the magazine model-cars + racingsport with later founding of the publishing house and founding of Auto Sport Schweiz Magazine, association magazine of Auto Sport Schweiz, which awards all motor sport licenses in our country on behalf of the FIA; many friendships and partnerships around the world were formed. I could write for a long time – but now it’s time to take the next step. With Nelocom I am still involved in the RC hobby, but also in other industries that interest me, such as watchmaking and other “bigger” industries.

Thank you all very much for all the support and I am looking forward to seeing you at RC races or other events.

Kind regards
Lorenz Schmid