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Neidhart SA – Multistore
For the Neidhart SA company, a multi-store system with more than 30,000 products was developed. A common database with the products is shown on different websites. Both a B2C and a B2B platforms are available. The shop communicates with numerous external systems. For international visitors, CDN servers are available on various continents. – Swiss Sports Clothing Brand
For Fight Apparel we took over the WordPress hosting and optimized the use of the plugins together with the customer (fewer plugins, all plugins updated). In addition, we have drastically increased the speed of the page.

Einrahmungen Godinez – modern website (Redesign)
In 2019 we have completely redesigned the website of Einrahmungen Godinez! A modern, responsive design and the latest technology of software and hardware provide a completely new online experience. – Fashion Design Store New York
For fashion designer Nicholas K the shop system has been updated and improved. In addition, a redesign was created with a modern responsive theme and numerous in-house developments were implemented. – leading Swiss online hobby shop
For the Hobby Shop Hässig AG we were able to carry out a redesign, whereby the entire shop was revamped. Well over 100’000 products and almost as many orders were imported. The shop was connected to the Swiss ERP DH-Soft DH2020. – Vente international en-ligne
For Performa Racing a new webshop has been developed for international sales on different markets. Depending on the market, the customer is directed to different store fronts. In the background there is a sophisticated system for staggered prices, partner links and much more. – Internationaler Store
For Audio Sanctuary, an online shop was developed that handles all sales processes. A modern, clear theme provides an appealing shopping experience. Thanks to extensions developed specifically for Audio Sanctuary, online sales and customer loyalty have been increased. – Online Shop
A web shop has been developed for Combat Corner, which can be automatically updated from the local ERP thanks to the API communication interface. Through the Google API, the shop communicates with Google Shopping for the corresponding product campaigns. – Online-Shop Paris
For the french dealer “Des Idées pour Mamam” we realized the online shop and have been maintaining it ever since. In addition, numerous proprietary developments were implemented to cover all sales processes online.

Hobbytime – Online-Shop
Hobbytime is a Swiss online shop with around 50,000 products. The shop is connected to an ERP and several external service providers and warehouses. Also connected are Google Shopping and top prices. – Warehouse Management
For Crazymodell, Nelocom has developed new Magento add-ons, for the automatic synchronization of products with the suppliers’ external databases. In addition, a Magento integrated POS system with barcode-management was implemented. Now, the trader is able to check the goods that come in and go out with the wireless barcode scanner.

Josef Ganz – True father of the Volkswagen Beetle
For, a WordPress website was set up. Thanks to CDN and caching, the website is delivered quickly all over the world.

RC Modellbau Profi – Online Store with more than 35’000 products
An automatic product synchronization ensures that all products are always updated. New products are automatically added, including all product data. New is a module for SEO optimization according to customer requirements. In addition, orders are automatically placed at suppliers (Dropshipping model).